Unrest, Covid, reduce Mandela Day impact

This is not the future that Madiba envisaged for our ‘rainbow nation’ … violent protests, indiscriminate looting and destruction in the days leading up to International Nelson Mandela Day.

Coupled with the effects of the third wave of Covid-19 in Gauteng, the situation left volunteers and donors with very few opportunities to make a difference this year.

At JCH, we really missed being able to welcome generous visitors and volunteers – and our Wish List remains largely unfulfilled.

Please click here to see if you might be able to help out with any of these desperately needed items.

Other ways to help

* Sign up for a MySchool Card, with JCH as the beneficiary. Nothing could be easier! It’s free and effortless. Simply swipe the card when you shop at Woolworths, Loot, Engen, Builders and other stores – and our kids reap the rewards.
* Get social – share our good news stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with your friends. Spread the love!
* Start a collection drive of items needed by our children on your neighbourhood group or community page. Then call us and we’ll collect.
* Speak out! Tell your friends why you support JCH – and encourage them to do the same!