A new specialty shop, THRIFT UP … in support of the JCH, with limited furniture items, selected pieces of eclectic bric a brac, contemporary and collector’s edition of books and music – vinyl’s and CDs, picture frames, rugs and carpets, toys and clothes – has now opened. The shop will appeal mainly to thrifters and collectors of selected pre-used items, with a varying range of prices compared to our cheaper pop-up and jumble sales.

The income generation from our charity shop would not be possible without the support of generous donors of pre-owned items. Our children are the main beneficiaries, mainly of items such as clothes, shoes, single beds, bedding, toys and games. Stock that is not appropriate for the children is sold through our charity shop with all proceeds topping up the funding from the department of social development and other donors. Key to our new strategy of our charity shop is the move towards awareness-raising to customers and public of disposal of unwanted items such as electronic goods, VHS, children’s products etc., and to promote repurposing, reuse and upcycling to reduce landfill waste.

The key to the success of building a more socially and environmentally conscious business is to work towards a goal of recycled and upcycled stock of 10% within the next financial year. This will be achieved through integrating the children’s skills programmers and other creative after school activities towards production, gearing our children for the option of creative careers and enterprise development. In line with the JCH building a more environmentally conscious business, the JCH kindly appeals for the following items:

          Pre-owned clothes and shoes (clean and in good condition to allow for reuse or resale)

          Books (contemporary) and games

          Bric a brac (includes crockery, cutlery and ornaments)

          Soft furnishings

          Furniture items and rugs/carpets

We do not take the items listed below:

–          Books [outdated school and university text books]

–          Cosmetics and medicines.

–          Electronic waste [broken and outdated electronic equipment e.g. vhs, fax machines]

–          Plastic and other related items [VHS cassettes, used baby bottles, child car seats, empty yoghurt and margarine plastic containers]

–          Shoes: [Single shoes, rain damaged shoes]

–          Used undergarments

The Johannesburg Children’s Home remains grateful to the public of pre-used donations and would like to inform regular and future donors that donations will only be accepted at the JCH at 59 Urania Street in Observatory and no longer at the shop due to space constraints. Pick up of furniture items will be done by arrangement [please email: pr@jch.org.za] on dedicated days based on driver availability.

Thrift up can be located at 96 Frances Street, Soho Square cnr Grant Ave, Norwood.

For further information regarding our income generation projects, please contact Sandra Perry on se@jch.org.za or on 079 835 9284.

To volunteer at our Charity Shop, visit  https://www.jch.org.za/volunteer.html

Online store coming soon



“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

– Theodore Roosevelt