Anything is possible when you believe in yourself

But when you’ve grown up believing that you’re unimportant, unworthy, unloved and powerless, it’s hard to feel strong and confident.

Sadly, that’s the case with many of the boys and girls placed at The Johannesburg Children’s Home. Encouragement and stability have been in short supply in their lives. And without extensive therapy, these bruised little souls may never recover from the hurts of the past … develop self-esteem … and grow into well adjusted, happy and successful young men and women.

Which is why we have to provide counseling, occupational therapy, behavioural therapy – as well as expressive outlets in the form of art and music therapy.

Using music, drama and multi-media art – like creating superhero masks – our therapists lead the children to begin believing in themselves and their abilities again. Challenges such bullying, fear and destructive emotions are explored – as are hopes and dreams. The result is profound insights gained about themselves and others.

“I’m a Superhero,” a song born from these sessions, delves into the exploration of real-life and imaginary superpowers. It’s something kids can remember and draw from whenever the going gets tough

Fixing kids’ cuts and bruises with a kiss and a sticky plaster is easy. Healing broken hearts takes professional help from skilled child therapists – and that doesn’t come cheap. We need your help.

Your gift of R350 or any other amount you can spare makes a difference to a child who’s struggling to cope emotionally. You’ll literally help make everything better.

So please will you help us ensure our boys and girls get all the specialist help they need?

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The Johannesburg Children’s Home is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 001-034) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 130001111) which provides a safe refuge for up to 64 children who have been found in need of care by the Children’s Court.

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Through our Developmental Programmes, we are able to build on their strengths by equipping them with appropriate skills in development, leadership training, mentoring and general life skills.

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We maintain regular contact with all these schools through our Social Workers & Child & Youth Care Workers – ensuring that our children achieve their educational goals from primary school to high school.

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Every child that enters our doors has suffered trauma as a result of the abuse they have experienced. Our mission is to heal the harm and put the pieces back together.

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The Johannesburg Educare Centre has noted with concern that many children in the surrounding community are not receiving adequate
Early Childhood Development

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“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

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