Season by season, farming ‘God’s Way’ gives better yields

Since we adopted the natural methodology of ‘no ploughing, no burning, 100% cover and rotation every spring and autumn’, our vegetable harvest has improved season by season.

Our latest harvest saw a bumper crop of baby tomatoes, potatoes, brinjals, butternut, carrots, green chilli, green beans, green peppers, lettuce, spinach, basil and parsley.

The bulk of these fresh, organic veggies go straight to the kitchen, to ensure the children enjoy healthy, nutritious meals. The surplus is sold to generate income for the Home.

Through a collaboration with neighbouring organic co-op, Siyakhana, we sold 150kg of spinach. Our combo packs, offering a variety of vegetables in season, have become very popular. We are grateful to our local community, parents from our Funda Ngo Thando ECD centre and Rand Tutorial College customers for their support.