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We all need a mother

When you are a small child, your mom has a magical ability to make everything right … from a scraped knee to hurtful jeers from a classmate. Moms chase away monsters under the bed at night, and cheer you up with a cuddle or some sweets when you’re feeling down. Moms are comfort and security – as dependable as the sun rising every morning.

But what if your mom isn’t like this? Or you don’t have a mom at all?

Most of the children in our care have very little experience of what a mother’s love should be like. They’ve known only neglect and even cruelty from the one person in the world they should have been able to count on. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still experience a mother’s love. Because, here, they have the opportunity to find the same comfort, security and dependability from our dedicated and loving child care workers.

They provide the hugs and cuddles, the listening ears and the reassuring words. They cook the breakfast porridge and bake the birthday cakes …

But it’s friends like you who provide the ingredients and the groceries.

Our care workers help the little ones fasten their shoes – but your donations buy the shoes. They take the children to school. But it’s your donations that pay for school fees, books and stationery. They stick the plasters on the “owies” and pour the cough medicine into the spoon. But it’s kind people like you who keep our first aid kits stocked with basic meds.

So please will you stand beside our child care workers now, as we honour them this Mother’s Day … and  make your special Mother’s Day donation to ensure that every child at JCH gets all the love and care they need?

If you have (or had) the best mom in the world, why not honour her this Mother’s Day by making sure that another child – one not as fortunate as you – experiences that same unconditional love … encouragement … wisdom and security that you felt as a child?

Your donation of any amount really does make all the difference. Thank you!

And if you’re a mom yourself – Happy Mother’s Day!

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Through our Developmental Programmes, we are able to build on their strengths by equipping them with appropriate skills in development, leadership training, mentoring and general life skills.

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“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

– Theodore Roosevelt