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What will really make our kids ‘hoppy’ this Easter?

Mention Easter and most children think chocolate eggs! Perhaps an exciting race around the garden after church to find hidden treats left by the Easter Bunny. It’s one of those traditions where treasured memories are made and everyone celebrates the fun, joy and innocent wonder of childhood.

It’s up to the adults to create these lasting memories … but to also deal with realities.

And the realities of a children’s home is that there are 64 hungry mouths to feed – breakfast, lunch and dinner – every day. We have to make sure there’s a nutrient rich and balanced diet to ensure children’s growth and development. Otherwise, how can our boys and girls reach their full potential?

And so, we ask you for your help.

Although real eggs packed with protein and important vitamins and minerals are not nearly as exciting as brightly wrapped chocolate eggs, they are so much more important. So this Easter, please consider being a true friend to our children and help us provide them with healthy food to fill hungry, growing tummies.

Of course, there will still be a special treat for each child come Easter morning. But more importantly, their tummies will be filled with a good healthy breakfast, giving them energy to grow and learn.

Please ‘hop’ onto our real food for Easter drive, and make your donation today.

Our children will thank you for being there for them, not only on Easter morning, but every morning when they set off for school after a wholesome breakfast and a with a full lunchbox in their school bags. Your generosity helps them learn in the classroom and gives them energy in the playground.

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The Johannesburg Children’s Home is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 001-034) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 130001111) which provides a safe refuge for up to 64 children who have been found in need of care by the Children’s Court.

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Through our Developmental Programmes, we are able to build on their strengths by equipping them with appropriate skills in development, leadership training, mentoring and general life skills.

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We maintain regular contact with all these schools through our Social Workers & Child & Youth Care Workers – ensuring that our children achieve their educational goals from primary school to high school.

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Every child that enters our doors has suffered trauma as a result of the abuse they have experienced. Our mission is to heal the harm and put the pieces back together.

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The Johannesburg Educare Centre has noted with concern that many children in the surrounding community are not receiving adequate
Early Childhood Development

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“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

– Theodore Roosevelt