Masterchefs in the making

Unlike the television version, our junior Masterchefs didn’t have any anxious moments wondering if their creations would pass the taste test!

During the school holidays, our children rose to the Masterchef challenge and created some mouthwatering eats – including jam tarts, pizza and spaghetti bolognaise. It was all part of an ongoing programme to teach baking and cooking skills as part of their preparation for life.

One girl was so inspired that she has decided she wants to train as a chef. This year, we enrolled her in culinary school and can’t wait to see how she uses this opportunity to build towards her dream career.

Last year’s job shadowing programme saw a group of older children visit the Newtonian Hotel to learn about hotel management. They were introduced to food & beverage preparation in the kitchen, front of house and hospitality duties, quality control of the rooms, guest relations, waitering and commercial laundry services.