Applications are now open for placements at Funda Ngothando.

This new Educare Centre, Funda Ngothando, will open its doors in January 2021 for a group of 20 children aged 3 -4, at 21 The Curve, Observatory, on the grounds of the Johannesburg Children’s Home.

An open day will be held on 13 and 14 November for parents to view the facility.

Funda Ngothando means “Learn with Love”, which encapsulates the values of the centre.  While the development of cognitive skills is important in a young child, this development only thrives if done in a loving and caring environment. The Educare centre will open with one class and will grow to take in more children as regulations permit and resources become available. Extreme care will be taken to ensure Covid -19 prevention compliance.

A trained educator and assistant staff will provide quality, play-based educational activities according to a structured programme. The facilities at the children’s home – beautiful grounds, generous play equipment, excellent security, professional kitchen and laundry – will serve the centre, ensuring high quality support for the children. The multi-disciplinary team of child care specialist, at JCH will be on hand to provide additional support for children.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Barrow Construction and BOPCONS for their significant donation to prepare the beautiful venue. We also extend our gratitude to the Urania Village neighbours for bearing with us during the building phase and for their encouragement to bring this dream to fruition.

If you would like to place your child at the centre please send an email to to receive application forms.

We look forward to opening our doors at the beginning of the 2020 school year.