Legacy planting for tomorrow’s children

Thanks to a partnership with Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA), we recently received a donation of fruit trees for our grounds. Additional trees were sponsored by FTI Consulting.

As part of their Mandela Month contribution, the two organisations planted a record 28 fruit trees in just one and a half hours on 22 July. Surplus donated trees were passed on to a nearby school attended by some of our children.

In years to come, these trees will yield delicious plums, pomegranates, pears, apricots and apples for future generations of children admitted into our care.

It’s a ‘legacy’ planting … one that speaks to our hope for the future, and our willingness to provide for those who come after us.

Thanks to FTFA and FTI for their generous contribution.

What legacy will you leave?

Did you know that during Wills Week (12-16 September) you can have a Will drawn up for free by one of the participating attorneys?

If you plan to take advantage of this offer, make a note to ask about charitable bequests. You may find it ‘s easier than you think to leave your own legacy of love and care to children who’ve been abused or neglected. And including a bequest to JCH could even help you save on estate duty.

Contact Garth on 011 648 1120 for more information on bequests.