Children are our Future

We nurture and protect our children … teach them everything we know and believe in … and then, ultimately, we entrust our world to them.

Amongst today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow – the politicians, the teachers, the doctors, the future captains of industry and the custodians of our planet. We trust them to keep alive our traditions, our hopes, our beliefs, our standards and our vision.

As parents, we strive to give our children and grandchildren a secure home, a good education, support and encouragement to develop their particular talents.

But there are other children – like the boys and girls at the Johannesburg Children’s Home – who are hurt, frightened and betrayed by the very people they should have been able to depend on for love, protection and nurture.

These are the children whose lives you could touch by including bequest to the Johannesburg Children’s Home in your Will. Naturally you must put your own family first, but if your spouse and children are well provided for, you might like to consider the impact your bequest would make on the life of a less fortunate child.

You could give them the care and support that has been missing in their young lives – and your generosity could live on for years, even generations to come, in the hearts of living, breathing, thinking, feeling, loving human beings.

Because, when you include the Johannesburg Children’s Home in your Will, your money doesn’t go towards funding a building or expensive piece of equipment. It is an investment in the most valuable resource we have for the future – our children.

For further information about leaving a bequest to the Johannesburg Children’s Home, please contact

How can I include the Johannesburg Children’s Home in my Will?

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of bequest. You can bequeath a specific sum of money or property (e.g. your home or motor vehicle, jewellery or stocks and shares) or you can leave part or all of what is left of your estate (the residue) after all other bequests and taxes have been paid.

Your attorney or financial advisor can help you decide which is the best option to suit your particular circumstances.