Holiday Fun at our Home

Winter holidays might lack the fun of ice lollies, splashing in the pool and water balloon fights, but our childcare team made sure the children had plenty of fun activities to keep them busy and happy.

The little ones enjoyed board games and activities designed to help them recognise colours and numbers and learn the days of the week, while the older children put on a talent show.

One group performed a gumboot dance, which was very popular. They wore matching t-shirts and caps and looked very professional.

Highlight of the holidays was a meal out in our ‘restaurant’ (aka the hall). The tables were set with crockery and cutlery and a menu drawn up so the children could order what they wanted. They were served by the staff, which made them feel extra special.

Children growing up in a Home don’t often get the opportunity to eat out, so this was also a valuable learning experience, which will help them feel more confident when they eventually visit a real restaurant.