Future … sorted!

Our Siya Sebenza (“we are working”) programme is producing some encouraging results! Designed to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in youngsters, the programme teaches income generating skills such as baking, sewing, gardening, modelling and hairdressing.

17 year old Duarte says, “I decided to use my talent in art to design my own t-shirts and create my own brand. I’ve also made shirts with the African continent design on them because I am proud of my country.

“I’ve tested the market by speaking to people in my area and at school. I have worked out the costs to make my t-shirts and have priced them so that I can make a profit. I am using my pocket money to buy plain t-shirts to start building up stock to sell.

“I am proud of myself and I believe in my skills and ability.” With this winning attitude and careful planning, we have no doubt that Duarte will go far. Look out for these unique t-shirts at a market near you soon!

Another youngster who is feeling proud of his achievements right now is 12 year old Benji. He made a beanie for himself and is so pleased with it that he wears it all the time.

Noma (18) is currently doing a course in hairdressing and also participating in the modelling programme at JCH.

“I want to open my own hair salon in my community, create a portfolio and build a presence on social media,” she explains. “I want to be a brand ambassador to help and inspire others.”

When you think that these youngsters have had to overcome traumatic pasts and transcend the stigma of growing up in a Children’s Home, their determination to succeed and make something of their lives is truly inspirational. We are so proud of all our children.

(Names have been changed to protect identities.)