Inspired by the Global Citizen Festival, where individuals who took action on poverty and inequality earned free entry into a concert featuring Beyoncé and other music stars, our kids have come up with their own ‘actions’ to help make the world a better place.

At The World Changers Campaign, our children sang a Black Eyed Peas song, ‘Where is the love?’ to highlight the importance of contributing to changing the world by adding your voice, your hands and your heart. Our children also participated in the Christmas concert at Arbor Village for the elderly. Drawing on Beyoncé herself for inspiration, the children sang one of her songs for the old people, who reciprocated by giving them small Christmas gifts, in a wonderful outpouring of love.

Another global type initiative was hosting a sports tournament for Word Aids Day to raise awareness about HIV. Don Matera and Othandweni Children’s Home challenged JCH in soccer, netball and an HIV quiz.

Our children also went to the Animal Rescue centre to help wash the puppies, while a group of five year olds sang, danced and performed at the Teddy Bear Clinic; they also made origami gifts for the wards.

We believe it is vital to teach children about sharing, loving and giving at an early age. Even though they don’t have wealth to give, they can all give of themselves and their time through numerous community projects. We are proud of the enthusiasm they have shown in rising to the Global challenge.