ECD Centre Summer camp

Please miss, can we go to summer camp these holidays?

After almost two years of lockdowns, home schooling and boredom, our boys and girls are desperately hoping they’ll be able to go to camp these holidays. But we can’t say, “yes” until we know we can count on friends like you again to help cover the cost.

Because, at around R1 620 per child, it’s expensive.
And yet, for a child like Sammy, it’s worth every cent.

SammyWhen Sammy* first came to us, he seemed determined to make sure no one liked him. He picked fights with the other boys, bullied the younger kids and was rude to his house mother. But we knew that deep inside he was just a scared little boy … acting tough because he didn’t like himself.

It’s taken time, patience and many therapy sessions – but Sammy is finally learning how to let go of his fear and anger and just be a child again. He’s made friends with two other boys in his cottage. Instead of being frightened of him, they now look up to him. We’re convinced that Sammy actually has leadership potential – and going off to camp would bring out the best in him!

Because, these camps aren’t just about having fun and enjoying the outdoors. Activities are designed to help youngsters develop in healthy ways. Learning to overcome their apprehension, and successfully complete the obstacle course, is a huge boost to a child’s self confidence. Being part of a team in a raft building or tug-of-war competition teaches kids how to work together … and how to encourage and value the weaker members of the team, because you need everyone in order to succeed.

Much like life in the big, wide world! And since that’s ultimately what we are preparing our children for – it’s a valuable lesson, disguised as fun.

Most of the children in our care have been hurt or neglected in the past. They’ve never had the benefit of an attentive parent pointing out a beautiful bird or the amazing pattern of the veins on a leaf. Learning about the environment is another wonderful part of going to camp. How can we entrust the future of our planet to the next generation if they’ve never been touched by the wonder of nature?

So even though it’s expensive to send our children off to camp, it’s an important part of their development. And we’re really hoping you’ll be moved to sponsor one boy or girl now.

Your gift of R250, R500, or any amount will go straight into our holiday camp fund. Added to donations from other friends and supporters, it with help cover the cost of sending another boy or girl off to camp. Your kindness really does make all the difference.

And, if Covid-19 lockdown restrictions return – and we are not able to send the kids to camp – your gift will be used to provide other activities, treats and outings to fill the summer holidays with fun and excitement. It will still be the most wonderful Christmas gift!

* We protect our children’s identities by using fictitious names and commercially posed images.

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“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

– Theodore Roosevelt