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Mmmmm – what could be nicer on a chilly winter’s day, than a bowl of delicious hot soup or stew?

Like most of us, the boys and girls at the Johannesburg Children’s Home love a bowl of hearty soup or stew … chock full of nourishing potatoes, rice, barley, carrots, lentils, onions and meat.

Especially when it’s served straight from the pot, with crusty bread for dipping. There’s nothing like that feeling when everyone gathers in the kitchen, still cosy from the heat of the stove, to enjoy this timeless winter treat.

But after 20 years’ hard service, the old stoves in six of the cottages are pretty much beyond repair. Stove plates don’t heat up evenly, if they work at all. Oven doors no longer close properly; some ovens even have holes inside where rust has eaten right through!

Please will you help us replace the old stoves – the heart of every home – before winter sets in?

We don’t need anything fancy – just ordinary 4-plate free standing stoves costing around R3 200 each. But with six of them to buy, we simply don’t have enough extra money available right now.

That’s why I’m hoping that we can count on friends like you to contribute generously towards this special need.

Your gift of R500, R1000 or more would be a huge help towards the cost of replacing our old stoves.

But gifts of R250 and R150 are just as important. Added together, they’ll help buy new giant 10 litre cooking pots and other kitchen utensils in need of replacement – as well as the ingredients that go into those wonderfully warming winter dishes.

Any amount you can contribute right now will help provide nutritious home cooked soups, stews, casseroles, pies and breakfast porridge for the children in our care.

But what you’re really giving is health and energy – so our kids can stay warm, safe and happy all through winter.

Your gift can be made safely online here. If possible, please consider a regular monthly gift. A monthly donation of R210 provides a loaf of bread every day; R75 buys a six pack of long life milk; and R68 buys a large box of Jungle Oats for one of the cottages.

As you know, some of these children are carrying a lot of pain from their traumatic past. It’s our job to work through the issues and create new building blocks of trust and confidence.

But sometimes, a cup of hot soup* works wonders! It has the power to not only warm you physically, but to cheer you up as well. And that’s exactly how our children feel, knowing they’re wrapped in the warmth of your caring.

* Try it for yourself – click here for our special winter soup recipe and ‘share’ a cup with our kids so you know exactly how good you make them feel!

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“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

– Theodore Roosevelt