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Join the JCH Club 21000 now and you could be enjoying a fabulous holiday ... designer clothes ... new furniture ... home improvements – or whatever you dream of!

Because you could be the winner of the R20 000 first prize in our bi-monthly lucky draw. And there's a R1 000 consolation prize up for grabs too.

To stand a chance of winning, all you have to do is complete a debit order for JCH for R100 a month (for a minimum of 1 year) or make a once off payment of R1200. This gives you automatic entry into the draw every other month (6 chances to win).

Win with your heart and your wallet - you'll also help raise funds towards the cost of running our home – and help give children who've been abused or neglected the chance to grow into happy, secure and independent young people.

Tell your friends and give them a chance to be winners too!

Each ticket is purchased for its full price, which is R100 per month or R1 200 annually
Your ticket will be included in every draw as long as you your subscriptions are up to date
A member can purchase more than one ticket
Once you have completed the JCH Club 21000 entry form, you will be assigned a number and that number is the number that will belong to you as long as you wish to take part in the JCH Club 21000 lottery
When you have decided to purchase a ticket in the JCH Club 21000, you will be able to state whether you would like to sign a monthly debit order, monthly EFT or annual payment.
The minimum membership period is one (1) year after which time the debit order agreement may be cancelled in writing by the member.
Club 21000 is limited to 500 tickets.
One draw is held every two months with a guaranteed 1st prize of R20 000 and a consolation prize of R1000 per draw.
The first draw will be held on the 21 April 2017 and on the same date every alternate month thereafter.
The winning number will be randomly selected using an electronic draw system.
The draw will be conducted in line with the Draw Procedures and in the presence of a witness who will be a representative of an independent accounting firm.
The number drawn and recorded in writing by the witness mentioned will be the winning numbers for that draw.
If your ticket number is drawn you will be notified electronically and/or telephonically by JCH.
If you are notified electronically, you will need to contact JCH to ensure that we are aware you have recieved your notification of winning and wish to claim your prize.
If you make the monthly/annual payment directly to JCH's bank account, you will need to provide your banking details so the prize money can be transferred into your bank account.
You may do with the prize money as you wish.
Prize money will be paid within 30 days of the draw date.
If you are the winner, you will be required to complete a winner declaration form.
No prize money can be paid until the winner declaration form is received.
The winner declaration form is a measure which has been put in place by the National Lotteries Commission to ensure that there is the strictest adherence to the regulations, and that those who win the prizes do receive them.
All charities or societies which are registered with the National Lotteries Commission are required to complete and submit a report after each draw held.
The winner declaration forms are sent to the National Lotteries Commission along with JCH's report.
All unclaimed prizes will be held for a period of six months after the date of the draw.
JCH will endeavour to make contact with the prize winner using all means available.
Prizes not claimed after six months, will revert back to JCH, and the winner will lose claim to the prize money.
JCH will not be held responsible if the winner could not be located and did not receive notification.
The member must inform JCH of any change in contact details.
If you wish to cancel your club 21000 membership, JCH must be notified in writing.
If you make your payments via debit order, you will need to notify JCH of your intent to cancel your subscription before the 10th of the month. If notification is received after the 10th of the month JCH cannot guarantee cancelation of the debit order. Debit orders cannot be reversed.
Your membership will be automatically cancelled if your membership payments are not up to date.
You are responsible for ensuring that the contact information given to JCH is correct and valid.
You are also responsible for ensuring that should your contact information change, that JCH is notified and given the new contact information to make it possible for us to contact you should you win a prize.
You are repsonsible for contacting JCH once you have received notice of your win (if JCH was not able to reach you via telephone or email) to inform us that you are claiming your prize.
If you have elected to make the monthly payment directly to JCH's bank account yourself, you are responsible for ensuring that it is paid honoured at the bank.
Likewise if you have elected to pay your yearly subscription of R1 200.00 per ticket you are responsible for ensuring that it is paid on or before your anniversary date. You will receive a renewal reminder letter to let you know when your subscription is coming to an end. If you have not paid by on or before your anniversary date you will not be included in a draw for that month
JCH is responsible for notifying its yearly subscription members when their subscription is coming to an end. Notification will be sent out one month prior.
JCH is reponsible for notifying you if you have won a prize, either by email or telephonically.
JCH must ensure that the National Lotteries Commission Report for each draw is completed and submitted on time